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The official website of NFL | Steelers linebacker James Harrison denied doping allegations of | football In an affidavit by NFL to the NFL Players Association, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) denied the allegations he received drugs taken in the Al Jazeera USA documentary. Harrison in the affidavit that he had never seen never contacted the documentary claims to offer Harrison drug practice pharmacist Charles (Charles Sly) - weasley. As a professional athlete, saw thousands of people in my career, Harrison wrote. But as far as I know, in my memory, I have never called Charles Weasley with the name of a meet... And then Harrison said he did not know, and had never Weasley Weasley any form of contact. He also denied the use of drugs or receive. reported on Al Jazeera, Weasley resumed his speech. In addition to Harrison, the retired Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), the Green Bay Pa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ckers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Julius (Julius Peppers) - peipers and free agent Mike - Neal (Mike Neal) is also mentioned in the report. last month, NFL said the alliance plans to interview the players' Union notice on the first day of their training camp in Harrison, Mathews and peipers. Neal's interview will be arranged in or before July 22nd. In addition, the alliance said they were planning to talk to Manning.The official website of NFL | Adam - Garth did not regret missed the 49 people | football coach Chicago Xiongben week's opponent will be San Francisco's 49 people, the team offensive coordinator Adam Garth (Adam Gase) has been close to the 49 man coach before this season. In an interview this week, Garth said he did not regret to miss the 49 position, and that the bears are very happy to work in. Garth said: I'm very excited about being a member of the bear team. This is the job I have always wanted to do. I feel that I have found a job that suits me, and I work with a group of excellent players to help coach John Fawkes (John Fox), which is a good position for me. 37 year old Garth will build the bears offensive quarterback Jay Cutler full of sound and colour, (Jay Cutler) the overall performance is satisfactory. Garth had been approached as a coach of 49 people. He replied, "I don't know where I was at that time, but now I won't think about it anymore. From the present, the bear team is a better choice for Garth than the 49 disorderly and inefficient more difficult to block a free kick or an additional shot. The NFL team owners voted for a rule change, the new rules prohibit players in football when attacking strikers over the opponent. Philadelphia hawks proposed the new rule, and the NFL players' Union supported the proposal on the grounds of player safety. "over the opponent blocking the free kick, I think this is true for everyone very dangerous action," the president of the NFL players union, offensive player Eric - Winston striker (Eric Winston) said earlier. "If you jump over the center, people in a very dangerous position. He may have a head on his head. I want to jump over the opponent's end because so many people pressed on him injured. So I'm very interested in looking at what's going on. I think there may be some measures to be taken. " The defensive player over offensive striker is very exciting action. Like the Seattle Seahawks safety guard cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) that the player has repeatedly blocked by playing game. Last season, the Denver Broncos player Justin - Simmons (Justin Simmons) against New Orleans saints game over rival blocked shot additional points that would be leading the saints, then winning the ball back into the team scored 2 points, 2 points eventually rely on the Mustang to win the game. in the last season of a total of 41 free kicks and additional points was blocked, 3 of which were completed over the opponent players rely on. many players may be disappointed in the new rules, but both the NFL and the NFL players' unions are more concerned about the safety of the players.The 49 people in San Francisco have been waiting for a long time to wait for the return of Colin Kaepernick, which now looks like they need to wait a few weeks. on Friday U.S. time, kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) said Capet Nick is currently training in a restricted list, probably because of the joint training arm fatigue and Houston absence of Dezhou people. Kelly said he would make an assessment of Capet Nick by Sunday or not to be able to take part in the pre - season on Sunday. , in fact, Capet spent the rest of the season in the absence of all the training of the team. But even now Coppy Nick is returning, he may need to sit on the bench to make a substitute for Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert).

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