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The new shirt is black, and the new season Away Jersey as inherited the classic "badge Jersey (Maglia bandiera)" concept, the new Europa League jerseys using coal gray and black, looks more like a "real dress". At the same time, the goalkeeper's shirt is light gray.the last game this Sunday is very important for the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, and packers linebacker Jack ray - Mathews (Clay Matthews) feel the need to do to enhance the game. , the 6 professional bowl player thinks he needs to become more influential. He explained: "I need to find a way to make myself more influential on the court, which has nothing to do with my skill and the level of golf course. No matter whether I have 1 or 0 grappling in this game, I should be the most destructive one. " if Mathews had the last time he met the Vikings in Minnesota, he might be able to help the team win the crown of the north. A review of the twelfth week race, Mathews finished 6 grapple online after blocking Adrian Pidesen (Adrian Peterson) 2 times, let Pidesen the game only completed 13 times for 45 yards rushing performance.automatic playback switch Wenz auto play NFL: draft observation can pass fast loading genius quarterback ... Tencent sports news (Wan Xin, senior editor of /ESPN) NFL has been fighting for two weeks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the new season, and has been fighting four wars. Who is the popular player of the league now? The non Philadelphia hawk's new quarterback Wentz (Carson Wentz) is not. NFL Wentz become the RedsHow far is red? After the first week in the home court to beat Brown 29:10 team, Wentz Jersey No. 11 ranked first on the official website of NFL sales. After 19 days of the 19 day and one night race, 29-14 grams of the Chicago bear team, he became the first one of the first rookie quarterback in NFL history. Many NFL experts are willing to give praise, what big reincarnation of Manning and Philadelphia new hope. The vice president of the United States Biden urged President Obama to "join Wentz camp" (Get on Wentz Wagon), 13 President Obama to Philadelphia for Democratic presidential candidate Hilary campaigned at the joke, this trip is actually for hometown club SYPC and poaching. Biden grew up in Pennsylvania and started in the state of Delaware. It includes southern New Jersey, and in the broad sense of the big Philadelphia area, it is all of the eagle's sphere of influence. Maryland in the south is traditionally the territory of the Baltimore crow, north to northern New Jersey, and the territory of the New York giant or the jet. The NFL region of the United States is divided into this kind of Wei Jing. Obama, a stranger from Chicago, could take "baby" from Philadelphia. Wentz is NFL this year the show Bangyan not to mention this "treasure", is the eagle's effort to dig. The calendar turned back to the April 28th NFL draft, the eagles fall to three in 2016 trading picks, plus 2017 of the first round and 2018 second round picks can raise yourself to second position, get "wait" to wentz. At that time the situation is , Wentz and from California University of GF (Jared Goff) is recognized as the ironclad champion or runner up. Since the ram preferred GF Eagle lets off wentz. did not live up to the love of the eagle wentz. First war Brown, he finished 37 passes 22 times, sent 278 yards, the quarterback score up to 101 points. The World War II bear team, he finished 34 passes 21 times, propelling 190 yards, the quarterback score 86.6. The most important thing is, zero error, which is valuable in the rookie quarterback. In fact, Wentz "origin" is not noble, he came from little-known North Dakota (North Dakota State), large in the low level of the FCS league play for four years, with four Division I-AA champion. At the end of the month "graduate bowl" (Senior Bo〉The official website of NFL | in civil war took hawks rugby | striking one snag after another cowboy fifteenth weeks, the day and night of the day and night in the Eastern District of the National League of two teams in the same district, Dallas cowboy challenge Philadelphia hawk. The previous record is 9 wins and 4 losses, so this game can be said to be almost determines the NL East title, the final 38 to 27 victory over the Cowboys eagles, hawks and the first clash in the two teams in the thirteenth week on xianbatouchou. cowboy first opening kickoff, kicking a ball, the ball on the 15 yard line around the eagle, and the eagle to attack Bhave (Huff) concentration did not pick the ball by cowboys grabbed the ball to cowboy. The cowboy attacked at the hawk 18 yards, took the first time to win the 1 gear, and then ran Murray (Demarco Murray) two times to hit the ball directly, and Murray also got tenth shots in the season and 7 to 0. The eagle got the ball and began to attack, and Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) was unable to attack, 3& out, only to abandon the kick, the right to exchange the ball to the cowboy. Three to 7 yards, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) - Jason cross found Witten (Jason Witten), won the first. Next, we face 3 gear 5 yards again, and it is Wei Teng to take the first work. The next two run the ball first came to power the 30 yard line, once again faced with 3 stalls, third stalls and found Wei Teng won the first. To 1 grade scores, eagles defensive end Cox (Cox) direct breakthrough grapple front Murray, second score, eagles cornerback on cowboy star Bryant Hernandez took over (Dez Bryant) for illegal contact first and second cowboys, again scoring a lob directly Romo found Bryant, who danced in the air easily the next pass issued with array, cowboy 14 0 lead. The eagle attack again, three to 6 yards, Sanchez was sacked again 3& out had to punt. The Cowboys continued to attack automatics, came to the eagle 30 line, the end of the first game. at the beginning of the second quarter, the Cowboys faced 3 stalls for 10 yards, Cox Romo was captured and killed, but the player illegal contact was thrown in the yellow, the cowboy 30 yard line to get the first work, a long pause back, by a direct challenge to the end zone, the old partner Bryant won the ball, touchdown, cowboy 21 0 lead. The eagle began to attack the third 5 yards, Sanchez found Paule Adams (Darren Sproles) won the game for the first time first. A third, in the face of regional defense, Sanchez found tight end sirich in the gap (Celek) with 23 yards and second first came to power, the cowboy 43 yards. After running back Mccoy (Mccoy) three run with 22 yards, 21 yards to the cowboys, Sanchez Shultz (Ertz), which passes with 15 yards.

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