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The official website of NFL | saints General Manager: or to choose a | football quarterback New Orleans saints general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) claimed that the team won't trade four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees), but not to the exclusion of selected quarterback in the draft may. Loomis said: we have been trying to get a young quarterback. If opportunity comes, we may pick up a quarterback in the draft. Loomis also stressed that the team is very fond of the present substitutes for the quarterback Ryan Griffin, and it is a firm denial that Bracey will be traded. According to the NFL official, the saints are very likely to choose a quarterback. At the same time, some people have revealed that the saints' management thought they should have acted earlier in the past few years. The saints hold 2 first - wheel swabs, but they don't try to trade up. The team said the team could pick up the quarterback in second days. As for the substitute quarterback Griffin, although he showed the potential, it was still not enough to move the team. In fact, after having many years of quarterback such as Bracey, it is almost impossible to find a replacement for the team that is completely satisfied.The official website of NFL | twelfth week review: Steel War Eagle | Rugby fully and delightfully cheap nfl jerseys free shipping scoring game victory over the Seahawks Steelers ankylose scene strive to meet in the playoff Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, this is a contest well-matched in strength. The Steelers rely on free kick attack, but they really want to rely on at the beginning of fancy fake shot pass to continue to promote the results passing by steals to eat the bitter fruit in the second quarter. Make good use of this opportunity from the Seahawks Steelers 24 yards to attack and ultimately by the quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) cross found wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) made a touchdown. But the Steelers immediately regrouped, they rely on a road passing and rushed the ball towards the Seahawks 11 yard line, and then took over the horse Tavis - Bryant (Martavis Bryant) by surprise as red player roles, completed 11 yards touchdown. Then Wilson completed second touchdowns, leading the Seahawks to regain. The next attack on Steelers wide receiver Marcus Wheaton (Markus Wheaton) excellent play smoothly and finally run by Dean Williams Wei Gu Luo (DeAngelo Williams) to complete the 6 yards touchdown, the Steelers before half-time lead again. The second half free kick in the Steelers completed the first wave of the attack, will expand the score to 7 points. Although the Seahawks and the assault to no avail, but their defense group stood out, steals the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) pass. Wilson then a long pass found tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) came to the Steelers 1 yard line. Rawls ran Wei Thomas (Thomas Rawls) to complete the rushing touchdowns, but the Seahawks touchdown additional points was blocked, they failed to score. Soon after the fourth quarter, the big book was copied again. In the first half to attack the Seahawks Steelers quickly passing touchdowns made rely on Wilson and two successful conversion. But by the next big ball to Steelers wide receiver Avedon for a 69 yard touchdown. The Steelers won back the leading position. But it was not long before they lose the leading position, the Seahawks in the next attack Wilson pass again found outside the Baldwin took over a touchdown. The Steelers subsequently launched a long counterattack, but their attack in the red zone is blocking the seahawks. The Steelers choose first played in the hope to prevent the next attack after the Seahawks to complete lore at the ball. Who had the Seahawks began to attack the third after Wilson and Baldwin made with a touchdown. The Seahawks leading 39-30. Time only 2 minutes, the worse is big and accept the inspection because may encounter a concussion, Delhi - bench Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) at the end of the fighting attack by the Seahawks steals. The Seahawks lay victory, to win 39-30. Quarterback Wilson's 30 pass 21 times 〉The official website of NFL | dolphins running back Moreno will return | Rugby Miami dolphin run Sean Knowshon Moreno Moreno is likely to return from elbow injury and play this week in Green Bay Packers. At the moment he has been listed as possible by the team, which shows that his chance of playing is over 90%. Moreno was injured in second weeks and was then absent from all the teams. This week, he attended all training every day, but he said, must wear elbow to make him feel uncomfortable. When asked what the most inappropriate is, Moreno joked: all! this season the dolphins made 2 wins and 2 losses, winning to 5. The team can run 142.3 yards and fifth in the league. The team will continue to use the Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) as a starter, his size reached 5.7 yards. The return of Moreno's injury will provide great support for the dolphin's guard depth. This week's opponent in the anti packers, run behind the bottom of the league, averaging 163 yards lost on the road. The dolphins are expected to challenge a hot rival for the breakthrough. this season, Moreno has signed a one-year contract with a free player and a dolphin. In the first week of the game with the new England patriots, he ran out of 134 yards and harvested one.The official website of NFL | Carol: not interested in trading money Eisner | football Seattle Seahawks - Kham Qiang Wei money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) still did not go to the team reported that the top safety has also recently been involved in trade rumors. On Monday local time, Pete Carroll, a coach, was very determined when asked about the relevant questions: we were not interested in discussing any topics related to Carol. According to the official website of NFL reporter, the Seahawks did not intend to exchange money Eisner, the team has rejected some from other teams ask price, including the rumors on the other side of the New York giants. At present, the Chancellor and the Seahawks left on his contract for 3 seasons, but the player to want a raise. The insider said, the Seahawks will not meet the requirements of money eisner. this week for the first time the training Seahawks in the local time Thursday, according to relevant sources, if money Eisner will not appear on the training ground, he will almost certainly miss this weekend's season opener. Local time on Monday, Carol said the team is ready to arrange for Duhem - Bailey (Dion Bailey) as a starter Qiang wei.

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