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The official website of NFL | Saint Graham set to renew the proximal front history first paid football | Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) the most love catch target will continue to accompany him, local time on July 15th morning, NFL's official website reported the saints and near end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) reached 4 years contract, the total contract amount of $40 million, of which 2000 to 21 million are protected, and the saints the official website confirmed the renewal of Graham. NFL had first paid proximal front is the Patriots rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski), the average annual salary of $9 million, now his position replaced by Graham, and the Graham contract protected part of the Bigelongkefusiji 6 year $53 million contract, the latter part of the guarantee by only $16 million 500 thousand. this offseason has been a headache for the saints in Graham's contract, as soon as possible in order to leave him, he would have been cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a franchise player, Graham hope to get outside over the label, because the top salary is much higher than the outside over the top tight end, but in the sports arbitration court, the saints won the victory. on Monday, NFL's official website reported that Graham appeals to the court of arbitration, means both difficult to reach a long-term contract in the near future, who knows one day after the two sides will formally signed The path winds along mountain ridges., on Tuesday afternoon. Graham's performance in the past two seasons has consolidated his position as the top end touchdown, especially in last season's 16, 86 and 1215 yards. Graham's contract has not only created a tight end high, even with the top receivers compared favorably, such as the same contract bears receiver Brandon this summer - Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and the average annual salary is similar to Graham, but to protect the amount of more proximal Cook Reid, the other two Feng Jia the name of the contract (Jared Cook) and Denis (Dennis Pitta) - pita only get about $5 million allowance.The official website of NFL | Philip - Rivers Jerry - Jones made faces | football the time this Thursday night San Diego lightning and Dallas cowboys were the first preseason game this season. If there is no news, the title of the article should be lightning to win the cowboy by 17 to 7. , but the highlight of the night race took place in the photo of the lightning star Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) making faces to cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones). has no doubt that this picture will be one of the best photos of the 2015 season. , in fact, it may become the best picture of NFL this season. It's a long shot. It's a dialogue between two strong teams. Rivers's ridicule compares Jones's loss. Is it a good way to celebrate after the match?although boss Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) felt that 2017 was the year of jet reconstruction, the manager Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) was very optimistic. "our ultimate goal is to win the super bowl." Bowers said this weekend, "it's clear that we have to work harder. Many people need to adapt here to build a chemical reaction. But our ultimate goal has nothing to do with whether the players are young or not. " now sounds unrealistic, but Rugby fans know that NFL is a geomantic alliance. There are few winners (except the Patriot) or fail to. It's impossible for the jet to get into the playoffs. don't laugh at you. They can.NFL |49's official website announced the dismissal of coach Tom Sura | Rugby San Francisco 49 people in the last week of the regular season's victory can't hide their whole season's failure. In order to better welcome the new season, the team made important decisions in the very short time after the season ended. On Sunday night local time, the team announced the solution to the employer's coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula), whose 49 - year coach's career ended abruptly. before the start of this season, Tom and Sura have been serving as a defensive front coach for the team. In the former coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) after the departure, 49 people will be handed over to the coach trusted old employees. However, the performance of Tom Sura's team in the game was disappointing. Although Tom and Sura have good relations with the players, they are good at dealing with the media, but this is obviously not the reason for him to stay in office. on the other hand, the question of the quarterback Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick) is also one of the most headaches for the 49. Tom Sura disparages him as a substitute, but the high price quarterback needs more competitions to prove himself. For he will also spread like wildfire in the offseason left the team rumors. After a failed season, 49 people need to come back, I hope they are on the right step.

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