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The official website of NFL | tiger running back Bernard injury, Hill played the first football | Cincinnati tiger Giovani Giovanni (Giovani Bernard) missed all training this week. He will be injured for the first time in her career because of her hip and clavicle injury. Local time Friday, coach Marvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) confirmed the news. currently, Bernard rushed the ball 446 yards to lead the team, scored 5 touchdowns. This week the team will use the new rookie Jeremy - Hill (Jeremy Hill) to meet the Jacksonville Jaguar first. The 50 season so far, Hill ball scored 195 yards with 3 touchdowns. Hu Jackson, the team's attack coordinator, believes that Hill can replace Bernard and continue to support the team from the road. in addition, this week the team's top star, A.J Green (A.J. Green) will also recover from injury. He had been missing 3 games in a row because of his right foot thumb injury. Green took part in full training this week, he completed the 17 season ball, scored 314 yards and 2 touchdowns. His return will help the tigers play back and make up for the loss of Bernard's lack of war.'s fiftieth Super Bowl will be held in the early morning of February 8th in Beijing time. held the fiftieth Super Bowl Stadium is 49 people in San Francisco's home court the Levi's Stadium (Levi 's Stadium). The stadium was built in 2014 to replace the former 49 - man old court, Candlestick Park. The Levi's s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tadium is located in the center of Silicon Valley and can accommodate 75000 people. San Francisco is a Pacific coastal port city in California, the second largest city in California after Losangeles. San Francisco is a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Its climate is warm in winter, cool in summer and abundant in sunshine. It is known as "the most popular city in the United States." San Francisco is also a tourist attraction for tourists both at home and abroad. In the foggy and stretches of hilly terrain and mixed architectural styles, and Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Island prison in Chinatown and other famous scenic spots. as the world's top entertainment feast, the super bowl of midfield performance is known as the world's pop music vane. Mike. Jackson, Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney and The Black Eyed Peas and other stars to show pride in the super bowl. The fiftieth Super Bowl halftime show the star may be one of the top of the current pop music superstar Taryn Swift (Taylor Swift). The advertising price of the forty-ninth Super Bowl in 2015 was expensive, with an average of 4 million 500 thousand dollars for the average 30 seconds. In recent years, the price of super bowl has gone up and the quality of advertising is perfect, after all, it is also bought by a big price. It is expected that the fiftieth Super Bowl ads will exceed $10 million per minute. 2015-16 season 50th anniversary Super Bowl Chinese celebration coincides with the lunar new year, Chinese opera Gala lianzhouzhuan: 's fiftieth Super Bowl will be held on the thirty night of the February 7, 2016 lunar year in the United States, and the first morning of the year in February 8th, Beijing time. The plan is to invite Chinese directors and first-line stars to participate in the planning and performance of the Super Bowl midfield performance for the first time. It plans to promote high-level cultural exchange activities between the US and China, and publicize Chinese elements and images. This is the best marketing opportunity for Chinese brands to land in the US market.even though it wasn't Sunday night, the replay of the Super Bowl at the beginning of this year still attracted a lot of attention. We are concerned about whether the lineup change horse can offer Super Bowl defeat revenge. in the successful counter attack after the Seahawks start, the first wave of attacks on the Mustang starting running back and lose the first battle, Mondi Bohr (Montee Ball) in the 23 yards off the ball. The Seahawks snatch the ball, and to create new styles receiver Jermaine - Kors (Jermaine Kearse) 17 yards to quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) into the red zone, but the Broncos defense group successfully in the end zone before the third consecutive stop running back Sean Lynch Ma Haiying (Marshawn Lynch) of the red ball, the Seahawks can only get 3 points to lead shot. Then the Mustang attack in the pavement difficult, compared with quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) the offensive performance, but the Broncos offensive also failed to take the ball into the end zone, the Broncos shot the equaliser. After a day of time, both sides attack are useless, until the end of the first half the Seahawks rely on Wilson give the external hand card - Locket (Ricardo Lockette) 39 yards ahead again, this wave of attack is the highlight of Wilson 3 consecutive large yards passing attack. The new Mustang began to attack after a false alarm, wide receiver de Maris Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) dropped the ball after 16 yards after the ball, the ball was snatched the Seahawks, but the referee did not pass instead of dropping the ball. But the wild horse could not move forward. At the end of the first half wave of attacks, combined with the Seahawks running pass smoothly forward, Wilson finally found Lynch completed 5 yards passing touchdowns. Half the Seahawks leading 17-3 mustang. compared to the first half of the second half, the beginning of the second half of a lot of boring. The Seahawks use run and pass time, while the Mustang road offense is still no improvement. Even worse, the attack of the Mustang's pass was also a problem. In a whole section of time after the standoff, Mustang defense group successfully in the end the Seahawks grapple Lynch caused safety. But the Broncos offensive group did not chase momentum. At this time, the defense they once again stand out: cornerback Chris Harris (Chris Harris) steals Wilson to wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) passing and return to the Seahawks 19 yard. This wild horse did not miss the chance. Manning passed the 3 yard pass to find the near end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) to complete the touchdown, and the wild horse pulled the score closer to 12-17. But in the successful attack and defend the Seahawks themselves into the Seahawks 24 yards after Manning to take over the Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) pass by the Seahawks safety guard cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) steals and 52 return yards to the Broncos 35 yards. ????????1??04??????????????????????????20〉, we will welcome the twenty-fifth NFL party anniversary celebration soon. The representative Carolina will be the chef Blake Hart Vic (Blake Hartwick). Hart Vicker's most popular cuisine is his "victory black leopard wings", which is not the first time Hart Vicker was involved in the event. Hart Vic said in an interview earlier, these wings are one by one he personally made, but this season he has not only personally produced a game, the Panthers eventually lost, Hart Vick said: "I don't think they are just wings, but every time I made them we can win." if you will come to the anniversary of the gourmet anniversary, remember to try this lucky chicken wing.

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