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The official website of NFL | Ross Lys Berg because of a concussion early departure | football the excellent performance of Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) in Seattle was halted by the concussion of the brain. In this week's game against the Seahawks, Ross Lys Berg in the last 2 minutes of the game because of a concussion early return to the locker room. It is also unable to determine what is offensive led to his injury, but Ross Lys Berg in the game's last attack is a person holding the challenge end zone, who missed the opportunity to reverse the score. is still not sure whether Ross Lys Berg's injury will affect next week's game. The Steelers 6 wins and 5 losses, because the number of players has suffered injuries this season and the team. Before the injury, Ross Lys Berg passed the ball 456 yards, but was copied 2 times. He completed several passes in the game, Weiss Mata - Bryant (Martavis Bryant) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) benefit. the next two wee cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ks, the Steelers will have against Indianapolis pony and Cincinnati tigers. The team's goal is to fight for a wild card, this stage of the competition results will largely determine the Steelers at the end of the season.on Wednesday U.S. time, Jacksonville Tiger Team America wide receiver Allen Robinson (Allen Robinson) into the team roster, signed from the New Orleans saints to take over Max Mika Free (Max McCaffrey). Robinson tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee on Sunday, making sure the season was reimbursed and the team had to look for a substitute. McCaffrey is the Carolina Panthers rookie running back Christian Mika Free (Christian McCaffrey) brother. last year, Max and the Oakland Raiders signed on as selected players, and then stayed in Green Bay Packers and New Orleans saints. The packers cut him off before the 53 people's list, and then the saints signed him into the training group. Mika Free completed 117 matches in the first 38 matches at the Duke University, advancing 1341 yards and 12 array.The official website of NFL |49 home court wins lightning rookie running back | football finale eye-catching performance Beijing time, August 25, 2014 at 4 a.m. and third weeks before the season, the Santiago lightning team challenged San Francisco 49. It looks like a defensive war, and the two sides constantly exchange the right to exchange the ball. In the end, the 49 team, who played a steady and stable team, won the game with 21:7. In the first ten minutes of the first ten minutes, the two sides had a total of 5 interactive ball rights, and the 2 teams added up to 59 yards. At this point, the lightning team finally broke the stalemate. The first quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) led the team to attack 10 yards for 71 yards. In the first quarter with 39 seconds left, the middle pass passed to Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates). second, the 49 team first quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) led the team to advance 55 yards, unable to advance, the final goal of three points. Then the two teams continued to enter the sawing battle and exchanged the ball multiple times. In the first half, less than 4 minutes left, 49 team quarterback Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) with stable pass led his team 10 times for 68 yards, but the first half with 50 seconds short Vance Macdonald (Vance McDonald) made a touchdown to 10:7 counter ultra score. third, the two sides are not built. But 49 people have to attack his team 9 yards of lightning. fourth began, the 49 team can not go further, only to shoot 3 points. But 1 minutes later, they got the ball again. The number 31 runner up Glen Winston (Glenn Winston) ran 7 times continuously to advance 64 yards and get the touchdown, and the 2 point conversion was successful. eventually, the 49 team defeated the lightning team in 21:7 home.The official website of NFL | Green: I will play football in the last week of | this week Cincinnati tigers will compete for the division championship and Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver A.J.- Green (A.J. Green) naturally do not want to miss such an important game. ???????????????37-28?????????????????T.J.-??????T.J. Ward?????????????????????????????? Green said he received a X - ray test at half time, and the results were negative. But because of the pain, he chose on the sidelines. This season, Green has been troubled by injuries and still has a gap of 50 yards from a thousand yards. But as long as Green can play, he is the tactical core of the team's passing attack. If the win this week's game, the tigers will have the opportunity to become the No. 2 seed in the first round of the playoffs, so bye. But if they will lose the game, or to the No. 5 seed identity in the wild card race challenge Indianapolis pony. Green said: my injury is not serious, although some pain, but does not affect the game. I'll be out in the last week and we'll take the game.

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