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The official website of NFL | former dolphins defensive tackle audric will join Jaguar | football Miami dolphins have been able to get the biggest star in the free market, Ndamukong Suh, the defensive cut-off, Damm. It also means that another defense, Jared Odd Rick (Jared Odrick), is no longer important to the team. NFL reporter broke the news on Monday. Odd Rick has agreed with a Jacksonville Jaguar on a 1 year contract worth about 7 million dollars. Odd Rick ranked fourteenth among the 101 best free players selected by the NFL official network, after which he had been linked with a number of teams. According to reports, the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Detroit lions have audric and have been in contact, but eventually the Jaguar deus ex grabbed the defensive players. 27 year old audric in the 2010 season with twenty-eighth rookie status in the league. He is both capable of defending the defensive end of the 3- cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 4 defensive lineup, and is also able to act as a cut-off in the 4-3 defensive lineup. After joining the Jaguar, he will be in the defensive position. Although the signing will improve the overall level of the Jaguar defense front, the team still has not solved the problem of the lack of flushing hands. The Jaguar, which holds the number 3 sign, will strengthen the position in the draft.when Sean - Hill (Shaun Hill) faces Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) you will say that some results won't happen, right? Saint Louis rams did something unexpected - they beat Denver Mustang 22 - 7. When the game went ahead to the 13 - 0 leader of the ram, we still seemed to think the game was not over, because this season was the pace of the goats: third weeks: lead the Dallas cowboy 21 to 0, finally 34 to 31 lose sixth weeks: 49 people in San Francisco were 14 - 0, and eventually 31 - 17 lost : seventh weeks ahead of the Seattle Seahawks 21 than 6, the final 28 to 26 win obviously, should Manning and his partners eventually turn the game back? The result is not the case. The game of red Mustang has not come close to each other, Manning was sacked 3 times, the bottom one. then look at Hill's good luck. maybe that's why they won.Shaanxi Changan competitive football club and Li Ning Co jointly unveiled the team's 2018 new home, home and second stadium shirts in Xi'an. As the first Jersey launched after the two sides' cooperation, the new Changan Shaanxi sports home and field jerseys not only inherited the long history of Shaanxi football, but also showed the close ties between the team and Xi'an. Shaanxi Changan competitive 2018 season home shirt inherited the club's traditional red and blue two colors, reflecting the respect for the culture of Shaanxi fans. Join in the chest badge source wolf totem pattern, as has the perseverance, brave character of the northwest wolf, show Shaanxi football has always been to face the tough football culture. On the back side, Xi'an's landmark buildings such as the big wild goose pagoda, the bell tower and the city wall are added. It not only shows the long history of Xi'an, which is rooted in the team, but also highlights the inseparable relationship between the team and the city. Satin Jersey chest badge with eager fitting process, not only make the logo more texture, also replacing the traditional embroidery badge suture skin friction caused by discomfort, let the players more devoted to the game.Bowling |2017 Guangzhou world sunset red yuan Bowling Tournament (January 11th) Shao Xiaokai won the championship 2017 world sunset red yuan Bowling Tournament (January 11th) serial number name first second third fourth points total ranking 1 bureau bureau Shao laugh 246221185150328341 Pan Wenhan 215203210181168252 Liang Binglin 203173181225368183 207188157217287974 175224222157167945 Bairong Kuang Jian pool Liu Xiuzhi 184202176183407856 Li Xiyong 204196197169147807 184223188172677389 211168203175476191 what had Lingzhuo old Du Jingyang 167224193166 7501011 169211159182287491112 22318115818167491213 Lunxi Lin Meiqin Mai Zhou trotanoy 127189215191267481314 Qu Yueming 17421716818267471415 Liao Shijian 168190220168 7461516 Liu Lixia 22519015814824745 single high 117 Ximin Jane 167169190190267421718 Tan Guisheng 16115718920230739 single high 419 Louis Koo 186180172173287391920 van 210190157176 Jianmin 7332021 Wu Heyuan 157206188171107322122 Feng Lihua 166189179169247272223 Chen Hanzhong 17614621117118722 single high 324 Zhiming 176207148190 721 single high Huang Zongyue 225 180184156172167082526 19216217117747062627 201170179155 Renhua Ding Guoliang 7052728 Deng Jianming 1611861691872705 lucky award 29 Ding Hui 19918312118866972930 River

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