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even-even football equipment network Russia's new European Cup Away Jersey reflects the modern culture of the whole country, white coat collocation blue shorts and red socks, consistent with the position of white, blue and red on the Flag of Russia.The Arizona Cardinals David - Johnson (David Johnson) is about to enter the occupation career of the third season, he set an ambitious goal for their new season. , that is to finish running 1000 yards and catching 1000 yards in a single season. Johnson said, "this is a very real goal, because I was very close last year, and I feel I still have much room for improvement." last season, Johnson's data cheap nfl jerseys free shipping was 879 yards of 1239 yards of the ball, and if the knee was not injured at the beginning of the season, the data might go up. In NFL, only two teams have completed 1000 yards of a single season and a run. In addition to the code number, 32 NFL harvest Johnson's 33 touchdowns, there is no doubt that he will still be fantasy fans preferred.Water polo |2011 national synchronized swimming championships | team won the Beijing Water Cube Luca September 18th Beijing time, Xing Yue Cup 2011 national Synchronized Swimming Championships at the end of the Zhejiang Shaoxing, Beijing water cube synchronized swimming team with a score of 93.838 out of the synchronized swimming collective project champion, this is the highest swimming gold medal. Li Hua, the director of the National Swimming management center, presented the awards to the girls of the Beijing water cube style swimming team in a new Chau jacket. 1/7 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] 〉 〉von Miller (Von Miller) is now the most paid defender in the history of NFL. Friday, Miller agreed with the Denver Broncos contract for 6 years, the contract value of $114 million 500 thousand, he can get a $70 million guaranteed income in March 2018, more than the Miami dolphins defensive tackle Ndamm hole (Ndamukong Suh) - Su got $59 million 955 thousand guaranteed income. In addition, 42 million dollars in Miller's contract are fully guaranteed, including $23 million for signature bonuses. "this is what I really want to do - stay in the wild horses in Denver," Miller said in a statement. "I'm very grateful for this opportunity." Miller's security income exceeded Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Fletcher - Cox (Fletcher Cox) ($63 million guaranteed income), Buffalo Bill defensive tackle Marcel darys (Marcell Dareus) ($60 million guaranteed income) and the New York giants defensive end Olivier - Vernon (Olivier Vernon) ($52 million guaranteed income). Contract. for Mustang, the contract means Miller can stay in the wild horses for the next few years. Despite the temporary undetermination of the first quarterback, Miller's renewal gave the team a chance to defend the title. The defensive team used to be the advantage of the team. 's salary standard has been improved again for the rest of the league and the players. This offseason signing the contract has been let Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) and Houston Dezhou defence front end J.J. watt (J.J.Watt) signed a contract inferior by comparison. Mustang won't be able to win without Miller - and Miller got a big contract to stay on the team.

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