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general manager Cleveland Brown (Ray Farmer) - ray farmer because SMS scandal was suspended for 4 games punishment alliance. The penalty will begin in the first game of the regular season of the team. Farmer executives have admitted that the team from the press box to send SMS player edges, which is clearly in violation of union regulations. 's good news for Brown is that the team won't lose a talent show, instead of paying a fine of $250 thousand. Of course, will still appear in the farmer management in next month's NBA draft, until the beginning of the first week to sit on the sidelines.Bowling |2016 the first "tiger Cup" national bowling tournament Xiamen Wu Kairong 1378 win Sunday at the end of the first "2016 tiger Cup" national bowling tournament, due to high bonuses, attracted many of the world's top players, ultimately from Xiamen local player Wu Kairong to the 1378 component press pack, won the one hu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ndred thousand champion award! Of the professional players from KpBA in South Korea, Cui Yuanrong Zheng Taihe ranked fifth and seventh. rank name representative area belong to each division play G2 G3 G4 + G1 G5 G6 plus a total of 1 Wu Kairong Xiamen Suzhou 233268207226233211 13782 Guangzhou Suzhou UFO UFO Wang Hongbo 259206246195206217 Suzhou 211190202213234265 Beijing 13293 Wang Le arc 13154 Zhang Yuhong Anhui Suzhou UFO 620721225724818218 2413155 Cui Yuanrong 189256191219225228 13086 Shenyang South Korea Suzhou Suzhou arc Xu Wen Jun 236213189200201268 Zheng Taihe 13077 Shenyang UFO arc 227215191248231194 13068 Shenyang 196182246215207245 12919 Shenyang UFO wangdali Wang Zhiyong Shenyang Shenyang 227184194252218215 129010 Foshan Suzhou UFO arc Yang Suiling 620422522519618723 Shen Minxiu 18128811 Harbin Shenyang 181204215215213247 127512 Shenyang Shenyang Zheng Zhi arc tube 28127213 620023921619220019 flying saucer along Anhui Shenyang 196173242237193228 126914 Quanzhou Suzhou UFO UFO Chen Xiangyang 623518719621022118 24126215 Shanghai 207199211236205203 126116 Suzhou UFO Wang Jie Ye Mengwei Chinese Taipei Suzhou UFO 197203247206213194 126017 Chinese Taipei Zhengxun Wu.Jacksonville Jaguar changed the kicker. they cut off the poor performance of the original kicker Jason Meyers (Jason Myers), the signing of former Losangeles lightning kicker Josh Rambo (Josh Lambo). Meyers lost 2 free kicks in the 17-27 defeat to Losangeles rams. The game was not his first bad performance. Since the start of the season, Meyers in the 15 free kick attempt missed 4 times, he also missed 2 touchdowns for additional shot. He failed in 4 of 5 games and at least 2 shot failures in 2 single games. Meyers has launched a free kick at a maximum distance of 47 yards in this season. Meyers's poor performance can be traced back to the preseason, he was at the 7 attempt missed 3 times in mid August and the team had invited free agent Dan Carpenter (Dan Carpenter) came to trial, but they eventually left Meyers. is now tied for the American League Southern top Jaguar chose rambo. 26 year old Rambo past 2 seasons for the lightning effect, 64 free kick 52 attempts and 78 touchdowns, tried 70 times to complete additional points. In this offseason he could not win in the competition with kicker (Younghoe Koo) and the British will be cut off by the lightning. Rambo over 2 Seasons shot success rate (81.2%) success rate is slightly lower than that of Meyers in 2015 and 2016 (82.8%), but the Jaguar shot hope this allows them to change the rest of the season in the play has a more stable performance.{"averagePoints":16.9,"playerId":5529,"percentChange":0.1,"averageDraftPosition":142.2,"percentOwned":82.6,"fullName":"Philip Rivers","lastPoints":27.98,"pointsSEASON":270.4,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Quite incredibly, Rivers has started every single one of the Chargers' games over the past 11 years. He's thrown for at least 4,200 yards during seven of the past eight seasons and is averaging 30.0 passing touchdowns per season since 2008. Despite the volume, Rivers hasn't managed a top-10 fantasy campaign since 2013. His completion percentage fell off a cliff to 60 percent last season, although he went deep more often (8.5 average depth of target) and dealt with the league's 10th-highest drop rate (4.7 percent). Rivers threw a career-high 21 interceptions last season, but the good news is that he'll have an impressive, deep supporting cast in 2017, led by Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Antonio Gates, Hunter Henry, Tyrell Williams and Melvin Gordon. Rivers is best viewed as a QB2, but there's some upside here.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Thu May 25"},"positionRank":8,"totalPoints":270.4}

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