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French champions Marseille club announced the team next season Champions League Away Jersey on its website, the New Jersey confirmed the spread of the Internet before the style, the new black jersey in addition to the traditional blue collar and shoulder, also joined the gradient pattern of red yellow and green three colors, this is epoch-making Club Marseille the first African elements are added to the shirt design, to commemorate the upcoming first held on the African continent in the world cup, red yellow green fine lines consisting of vertical hanging on the Jersey positive left, this combination is also revealing a little "celebrate" shadow. Marseille has just won the French league title in a week before they returned to the peak in French football after a lapse of 18 years, the club had only announced the black jersey plan at a later time, but the champion of the fans unprecedented enthusiasm, the club also conform to public opinion ahead of the announcement and the new Jersey all.The official website of NFL | first week rookie players | football statistics was slightly less than half the first round of the 2014 rookie - 14 out of 32 - the first debut in the first cheap nfl jerseys free shipping week of the game. It was also interesting that 3 of the 35 starters were selected. 7 teams started at least 2 rookies. Among them, buffalo Bill, Jacksonville Jaguar and Oakland Raiders started 3 new star players respectively. There are 8 teams have a rookie Starters: Chicago bears, Denver broncos, Detroit lions, new England patriots, New Orleans saints, Philadelphia eagles, San Diego lightning and Tennessee titans. The total of 's 35 starters were 4 less than 2013, 15 less in 2012, 12 less than in 2011. In the past 10 seasons, this figure is more than 6, which is more than 2010 of 39 and 2008 36 less. But that's more than the 34 in 2006, 32 in 2007 and 2009, and 26 in 2005. 's 7 two show starts in the first week, including 4 three show, 2 four show, 1 five round show, 3 six round show and 1 seven show. 6 top ten players were selected to be the first player. Not to start players list eyes reg - Saint Louis ram Robinson (Greg Robinson), Jacksonville Jaguars third Blake bottos (Blake Bortles), Cleveland Brown eighth rookie Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) and the Detroit lions tenth rookie Eric - Ai Bolong (Eric Ebron). from the school perspective, University of Miami and Ohio State University respectively from 3 first rookie, is the largest, with seven round pick - Terrell Henderson of University of Miami produced incense (Seantrel Henderson) player (Buffalo Bill) and defeated rookie Alan Hector Byrness (Allen Hurns) (Jacksonville Jaguars). Clemson University, Luis Weil University, University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, and Dezhou agricultural machinery university each produced 2 first starters. The SEC took the lead in 10 first starters, followed by 7 in ACC and 5 by Parke twelve (Pac-12). The ten main alliances (Big Ten) and the Shanxi Alliance (Mountain West) have 3 respectively, the Central League of America (MAC) and the American athletic alliance have 2 respectively, while the 12 major league (Big 12), the independent school and the rugby Championship division (Football Championship Subdivision, 〉).Denver wild horse found the new manager. Mustang general manager John elvy (John Elway) on Wednesday announced that Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) to be retired Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) successor. It is reported that Joseph's contract lasted 4 years. Joseph, who was the Miami dolphin defense coordinator last season, spoke to the team for the first time on Tuesday, followed by second interviews with the team on Wednesday. Then he was sure that he would join the wild horse. "he has great leadership and clearly know what you need to do to win," elvy said on Tuesday. Joseph in 2011 to 2013 in Dezhou at the Houston Kubiak command as the defensive backs coach. He then served as a defender coach for 2 years in the Cincinnati tigers. dolphin defense group late in the season badly - and crash against Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs -- but this did not shake the interest in Joseph mustang. The defense coordinator, Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips), has expired. It is reported that he is likely to return to the team, but Joe Woods, the coach of the wild horse defender, is also likely to act as a defensive coordinator. In Miami, Matt Burke, the line guard coach, will take over as the defensive coordinator. Joseph must find the right offensive team assistant coach to train the team's 2 young quarterback. Recently fired before the lightning San Diego coach Mike - Mccoy (Mike McCoy) is a strong candidate for the new Broncos offensive coordinator, he had also served as the role in the wild. Elvy has a lot of good candidates for selection. After he made many successful decisions, he made us believe that it would also be a wise choice.The official website of NFL | Newton: the referee told me I'm not qualified | football every season has a lot of star players who get a lot of foul whistles, which have always been questioned by the outside world. recently in the New Orleans saints defeated the Carolina Panthers after the four quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) seems to agree. After , Newton explained why he had been fouled in the fourth quarter, but he didn't get a foul whistle. He explained that referee Ed- Ed (Hochuli) said he wasn't qualified enough to get a personal foul whistle. Newton said: I feel puzzled, I was not in a reasonable collision, you see the defensive player of the action is not hit me, although this is all very close, but this is definitely a whistle after butt, but I got the answer is you in the league is not emphasized older, so you couldn't get the penalty. soon after the referee Qiuli Huo denying his speech. In any case, the rookie does not have all the rights that the veterans can get. Maybe that's the star effect.

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