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The official website of NFL | Beckham will meet | football and college teammate Berg MAGOTAN New York giants will this weekend away to the Tennessee Titans, and popular American giants wide receiver Odell Beckham recently (Odell Beckham) will also encounter an old acquaintance, that is college teammates, now Titans quarterback Zach Berg MAGOTAN (Zach Mettenberger). , however, according to the normal circumstances, the two players who are all attacking teams will not appear at the same time. But Beckham seems to have different points of view, because he wants to play several horns in the competition. After training on Thursday, Beckham smiled at the reporter and said, "I really want to defend him, because if I can finish a cut up, I can laugh at him." defensive coordinator Perry cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Perry Fewell) - fawei'er side also quipped: no problem, this is not a joke, when he has a hamstring injury when I had let him guest cornerback, to tell the truth he can become an outstanding cornerback. but all this is just about, when MAGOTAN when Berg is on the pitch, Beckham still have to stand on the sidelines, he also believes that his former teammates will bring a serious challenge to the giants' defense.The official website of NFL | Raiders linebacker race by the strong and optimistic comments from | injured football Oakland Raiders launched the first Sio Moore outside the city in the second quarter match with the Green Bay Packers in the pre-season match on Friday, resulting in neck injury. Moore chase packers running back Juan Du - Harris (DuJuan Harris) after pouncer, legs twitch. It looks like an impact on the head. trainers transferred Moore to the stretcher and fixed him all over the body. He had a thumbs up on the stretcher like a full fan, with a warm applause. Then Moore was sent to the hospital. Moore, a newcomer in grade two, started 14 times in 15 games last season, including 4 assists. on the other hand, the packers are also injured. Defensive players (B.J. Raji) BJ lachi arm was injured in the first quarter, the first half but he has been wearing a black armband to stay on the sidelines.tiger news July 20th according to the Dick sports company data, the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back James Connor (James Conner) Jersey sales ranked second only to the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady). Connor's jersey sales were obviously unexpected. Connor had many fans during his college years. In 2015, he was suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma. He used social media to send a picture of his own medical masks and teammates training. now his cancer has been cured, and ready to substitute leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell), Connor said: "all this was like a dream come true, the Steelers give my life a chance to prove it, I want to do is work hard to become a great player." Connor completed 3733 yards of ball and 52 dads during the four years of college, with an average of 5.6 yards per ball.Dallas cowboy is already the seed of the League of nations 1, so they don't need to prepare for the match against Detroit lions on Monday, but the boss doesn't think so. on Friday U.S. time, cowboy boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) radio interview said that the team will not let players in the game against the lions have to rest, the reason is that Jones has learned from the experience of the season 2007 season, they encountered the same situation, but was defeated by the New York giants in the playoffs. Jones said: "this is an old problem, but it is worthy to be answered, you want your team to play more excellent, depending on what you want, I know I had a good season and into the playoffs, but that we have time to rest and enjoy home court advantage or lose it is the painful memories." The answer to is obviously not right or wrong. It may be good for players' health and may be harmful to players' health. But history tells us all the answers, so Cowboys choose to reflect on history.

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