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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company today officially announced the Bundesliga club of Munich Bayern 2015-16 season new home court Jersey, on Saturday the grand Championship celebration, Bayern Munich soldiers will wear the new red shirt to twenty-fifth championship prize before dribbling Munich fans, red Bayern Munich will return in the new season. Adidas to provide Bayern with the new season because of the bright red jersey home court talent shows itself reflects the history, heritage, extending from the Red Jersey until the shorts and socks, even the famous Adidas three stripe is red. The New Jersey (adizero) will provide faster speed and comfort to the players. It is super lightweight and super breathable fabric, which brings unparalleled freedom, and does not damage elasticity and durability. The fan Version (ClimaCoo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l) also gives the fans a continuous cool and dry. The New Jersey has a notable feature. The dark red border on the bottom is connected to the diamond pattern, representing millions of Bayern club members around the world. The later Bavaria slang "Mia San Mia" is equally indispensable, which means "I am me"., if you wear the Philadelphia eagle's shirt, printed with Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), Le Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) or nick Fowles (Nick Foles), then you can only say that you can't catch up with the trend. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) last month's trading action, the team began to tangle how to store ordering New Jersey. recently, the hawk's jersey chief executive interviewed. "I don't know what Kelly is going to do. I have no choice but to put my shirt on our store. Unless I can make sure that the player Kelly has brought back today is the person who will stay on the court after the summer. , who wants to invest heavily in the jersey of Sam Sam (Bradford Bradford), and find that he has been traded to Tennessee Titan, or bought the jersey of DeMarco Murray (DeMarco Murray) and found Kelly to return Mccoy? so the money saving fans wait to wait and wait until September 10th to start buying your favorite Jersey.The official website of NFL | giants signed veteran safety Brandon - Mei liive Joseph | Rugby with the start of the pre - season, the second line of the New York giant's defensive second line was hit by injuries. In order to strengthen the squad depth, the team in the local time on Sunday signed former occupation bowl safety Brandon - Mei liive Joseph (Brandon Meriweather). Melli Weise, 31 of the year, has played in Washington's red skin before that, and has not been able to play 16 games after the 2010 season. Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese), the giant's general manager, has revealed that the signing is just the talent and experience of seeing Melli Weise. Although the veteran's injury history is not optimistic, the team has the confidence to help him find his way back at least to make up for the loopholes in the lineup at the present stage. Although Melli Weise difficult for giant second bring a fundamental change, but now the team had no choice. Since the start of training camp, 7 second tier players have injuries sidelined duzhan. For the giants, the primary task is to ensure the health of the players in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the team.The official website of NFL | lions will not give up Staffordshire Football Manager: | Detroit lions general manager Martin megh (Martin Mayhew) recently said that the team will not give up Mathews - Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford). megh said to the outside world that it was all ridiculous. Staffordshire is a talent. You can look at his career and look at those tough games. His name is really together with those of the top people. , in fact, if the lions team cut off Staffordshire by July next year, they only need to lose 5 million dollars, if they are in the latter 2 seasons, that will be 22 million dollars. this season Staffordshire downs is serious, he threw a game against the Arizona Cardinals 3 steals, after the game against the Chicago bears completed 42 passes for 405 yards and 4 touchdowns only 1 steals. because the lion's record is only 1 to 6, but as the quarterback can not lead the team to win, the outside question is taken for granted.

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