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Xiamen Siming | Bowling bowling team won the South Division Xiamen Siming South Division Championship Bowling team will take part in the National Championship final held in Guangzhou by the end of the year 20170426 Xiamen network 2017-04-26 00:00 Xiamen Siming bowling team lineup. newspaper news (reporter Lu Pengyu) in Chengdu ended on 2017 before the "Sichuan lottery Cup" National Men's Bowling Championships (South Division), by Huang Jianguo, LAN Yi, Dai, Peng Weiqun, Wu Kairong, Pu Xingyu and more prosperous 6 members of the Xiamen Siming bowling team create success, Beck won the five team champion, won the in the end of the Total Finals held in Guangzhou. According to the Bowling Coach, Siming Xiamen Xingguan bowling general manager Chen Wenchang introduced the game from the beginning of April 15th, including: Men's national Bowling Championships (South Division), the first Chinese bowling tour, Chengdu occupation China bowling open three games, Xiamen Siming team played very well, in addition to five can best embody the team the spirit of the Beck team gold medal, the other two game gains, respectively cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is the first China bowling tour occupation fifth (Huang Jianguo), Chengdu Chinese bowling open seventh (Chen Wenchang). The is reported to be changing and building a higher standard bowling alley in Xiamen. If it goes well, the Asian and world Bowling Championships are expected. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL |: three rookie Steelers coach Tomlin may be served as the starting | football When the Hall of Fame coach Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) in charge of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense group, rarely saw a rookie to get a starting position. in Keith - Butler (Keith Butler) who is no longer the case, he took over in 2015 after the Steelers defensive coordinator for the defense more zone defense tactics. The first round of show cornerback Artie Burns (Artie Burns), the two round of the show safety Sean - Davies (Sean Davis) and three show spike Haag Leif were defense (Javon Hargrave) have the opportunity to play a major role in the defense last season against the Steelers offensive yardage ranked twenty-first and passing yards on opponents ranked thirtieth in. I think this is a reality, coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said. That's why we pick them in the first three rounds. But they have to win the first place, and we'll give them a chance to do that. this is not even including the two round of the 2015 show cornerback Senkui Liz Golson (Senquez Golson), because he missed the entire rookie season shoulder surgery. although the defensive coach John - Mitchell striker (John Mitchell) said that the main role of Haag Leif's performance and defensive end cam - outstanding Hayward (Cam Heyward) and Stephen (Stephon Tuitt) - graph ite rotation, the other two rookie defender don't have the opportunity to beat the left cornerback Ross Cockrell (Ross Cockrell) and Robert - Gordon (Robert Golden Qiang Wei) as a starter. expect Burns Davies and Golson Tomlin, has upgraded to become the team last season, the second worst defensive gate.(Jared Goff) - Gerald gove will become a Losangeles rams home court against Seattle Seahawks quarterback No. 2. coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) to return a list of gove said: "I am very excited, he is ready to play for." the first week of the game, Goff did not enter the play list, the team to 0 than 28 defeat to San Francisco 49. The game's starting quarterback Castro (Case Keenum) - based 35 pass 17 completed 130 yards but there have been 2 steals, was sacked 2 times, Goff as this year's champion but can not enter the play list, clearly shows that he has a lot of room for improvement. if the next game of goats is again frustrated, Fisher may make the necessary adjustments in the game.NFL official website |49 the main receivers are not taken seriously dissatisfied with their | football in the tenth week of 49 people in San Francisco against the New Orleans saints game, 49 people took over Michael Crabtree (Michael Crabtree) had a crucial 51 yard ball, helping the team completed the four key file conversion, and eventually led the team to win in overtime. But after the reporters on the key 4 gear when the ball, but inadvertently leads only Crabtree was used in the key file when the number of facts. Clubb also said: special gear, I was responsible for the conversion of three over only, I am a little like the team's No. third over now. But I just need to do my own job. reporter to remind Clubb Terry of his 51 yard ball in fourth files instead of the third, Clubb Terry turned down the reporter's intention to continue down grievances, said he only wanted to talk about playing time to reduce the disappointment and dissatisfaction over the past two weeks, he only participated in the 68% Attack File number. He said, "I guess they only let me play when they really need me." and when reporters Clubb Terry remarks conveyed to the 49 coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh), Harbert has no positive response, but the reporters were condemned, that reporters should let Clubb Terry talk about 51 yards receiving successful impressions rather than talk and he did not play much of the problem. this is not the first time Harbert has been in conflict with the players this season. This Cikelabuteli openly expressed dissatisfaction with the 49 people out of the locker room is another evidence, or whether it is simply a small victory contradiction can be resolved? We will continue to pay attention.

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