It all started for me back in 1975 when I installed my first composition shingle roof. It was a garage in Santa Ana. I had to shoulder-load the 80lb bundles up a ladder and the whole job took me two full days to install five squares—and that’s when I was in shape!

Over the next 25 years I personally installed over 25,000 squares (2,500,000 sq. ft.) of composition shingles—in addition, several thousand squares of various tile applications, slate, wood shingles and shake, and one Swedish weave, wood-shingle roof that took 45 days. We literally had to take Polaroid’s of 5’ x 5’ sections, which we hung from the bill of our caps, to put the roof back exactly as it came off. Those were the good-ole-days—don’t miss them.

Today Jordan Roof Company has grown to a staff of forty-plus—to include Reception, Production, Sales, Field Superintendants and Professional Technicians; the majority of which that have been accredited or certified by several manufactures for various residential installations. 

Our primary manufacturer that we use is CertainTeed. They have been leading the industry for decades, and, it is my opinion, that they bring the finest products, service and warranties to the market. Having said that there are other fine manufacturers out there, and, we use all of them when it is appropriate or when our clients request a specific style or color. Here are some of the manufacturers that we use: 

Designer and Luxury Compositions Shingles:

Certain    Teed      GAF     Johns Manville      Malarkey      Owens-Corning

 Spanish Clay & Concrete Standard and Lightweight Tiles:

Auburn Boral      Eagle      M.C.A.      Redlands      U.S. (Now Boral) 

Along with these products we also have a bounty of support vendors to fill in the blanks for metal fabrication, coatings, and unique wood-working for cornices and out-riggers. 

Additionally, Jordan Roof Company carries a C-2 license for Insulation installations. This allows us to marry roofing and insulation of attic spaces during one convenient install. By doing so we can cut costs dramatically, so, if you are looking to replace your roof, please allow us to also evaluate your existing insulation and provide you the cost for enhancing what is, or, may not be there.