Jordan Roof Company has been helping So-Cal Realtor’s provide quality service to their Buyer’s and Seller’s for decades. We understand, in this fast-paced world, the importance of responsive vendor support in regards to, what some would say, a homebuyers most stressful, emotional and important decision of their life. 

Whether a Roof Inspection or Certification, written report or just a verbal confirmation in regards to condition, estimated life or other, Jordan Roof Company has been a consistent partner to over 100 agents in the Southern California market. 

In addition, many termite contractors do not, or, are very poor at doing, replacement of termite or dry-rot damaged wood that is attached or adjacent to the roofing system; not to mention the wavers they have their clients sign relieving them of any responsibility for broken tile when tenting. Please consider this when hiring a licensed termite contractor.

Verify that he will use responsible means to facilitate a quality repair to an affected roof system, or, contact Jordan Roof Company to coordinate repairs with your termite contractor.